Case Study:

Vocational Training Website

Ministry of Labor

The Problem.

Due to the covid-19 crisis and rising unemployment, the Israeli Ministry of Labor turned to TASC in order to establish an online platform for their vocational training programs and services. 

The purpose of the platform is to familiarize citizens with the MoL vocational training offering and ease beaurocratic process of registration into an easy online sign-up. 

The Research.

The UX proccess was based on previous user research which included a vast survey among unemployed users, that explored the needs and aspirations of unemployed people in the current eco-system. 

Through short interviews with training program operators we mapped all services and different programs that the state is offering in regards to vocational training and got an idea of the different target users of the different programs.

In total we gathered information on more than 100 programs.


Site Map

Based on the information we gathered, I created a site map to include all services and training programs by the MoL, by the following user-centric rational:

– the navigation in the website will start from the user’s “need” point of view – what does the user needs? e.g – a career change, to find a job, to get a certification etc. 

As the need is more specific – the user will move on to the program\service page. is the need is more amorphic, that reflects the user’s indecisiveness – he will move forward to a compatibility questionnaire 


UI Design.


My team and I designed a user centric website that will appeal mostly to young adults that are looking for a training of some sort, in a user friendly and simplified interface