Ben Gurion Airport App Re-design

The Problem.

Airports can be a confusing and even stressful experience for visitors. 

Each airport has its own set of rules, thus, orientation in the airport’s space is often confusing and overwhelming,  whether you are departing, arriving, or picking someone up. I recognized a a need for a simple, fast guidance.

The Research.

I conducted a thorough competitor benchmark, while speaking to airport visitors regarding their most acute needs while visiting an airport. 

I mapped the current tools that users adopt while going through an airport and came to realization that they almost never use the destined app of the airport. 


User Flow

I created a user flow chart, and for each step in the flowchart I marked identified challenges such as time sensitivity or lack of sufficient information among users. 

In the design process I focused on the stages that were identified as more challenging. 

The Insights. 

the research I conducted led me to several actionable insights, that were the basis of the design process follows:

Insights #1:

Research showed that existing airport apps are based on information and not guidance, and have very little use for the average airport visitor.

Real time and guidance are highly valued  by airport visitors, as a slight mistake can cause a lot of stress and confusion, and eventually – a lot of money. 

Insights #2:

In addition, when mapping the user journey for airport visitors – I identified several stages that can be potential inhibitors, which causes at times high levels of stress for the more “time sensitive” users. 

time estimation reflection can solve this challenge. 

Insights #3:

Finally, a large portion of waiting time can be saved with “heads up” information reflected to the user – for the user and for the airport. 


Insight #1

Based on the first insight I knew that real time and guidance would be leading values in the redesign of the app, while structuring the information level that existed in current airport apps according to the user’s journey in airport visits. 



The app guides the user according to the stage he’s at his visit

real time navigation to the different stands within the airport

the Navigation is a step by step map of the airport – that calculated your location and gives direction accordingly

Insight #2

I learned that time sensitivity is crucial to address in the redesign of the app. as the whole customer journey was time sensitive. 

the solution I thought of were “timers” presented in stages where waiting time can be a real inhibitor – e.g – security check or passport control. 



Find personal recommendations for travel destinations

preview of the top matches within a destination

Insight #3

Not all recommendations suit the same user

Different users will look for different activities in the same recommended location – and destination preferences need to be customized to the user’s characteristics. 

I understood that the mobile app needs to include a more lengthy on boarding process – that will help the app the get the know the user – who is he? how old is he? who are his traveling companions? what traveling style does he prefer? 

As the onboarding process is quite longer than usual, I wanted to create a more interactive experience for this stage, similar to other leisure apps such as apple music.



“tooltip” feature for saving time

Information is presented in a visual way and in layers – the “musts”, the “important” info and any other information. 

At all stages the onboarding time and location is reflected to the user – so he could be ready for it at all times

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