eCommerce website UX.UI

The Problem.

Youth of Light is a boutique handmade candle factory that employs Youth at Risk. They approached TASC Consulting with the goal of increasing B2C sales by creating a “branded” e-commerce website for their leading candle brand – LUM, instead of their current website that was putting focus on the non profit organization and its goals.

The Research.

As part of the research I was responsible of exectuing and conducting an Ideation Workshop in order to define the brand’s values and characteristics, as we would like to reflect on the future website.

I also conducted research using Google analytics and analysis of social media streams to define the target audience

Benchmark of non-profit and social business websites, along with product related websites – lifestyle, candles etc.

User Flow.

We decided to create a b2c e-commerce website reflecting the leading values of the Brand “LUM”:

  • Natural
  • Hand made
  • Therapeutic Effect
Targeting 35-50 yo female client base, that appreciates life style products with a real effect on quality of life

Proto- typing.

Following research and workshop – we created a persona that bests reflects LUM’s potential customer and target audience – presenting its needs and lifestyle. 

In addition we gathered multiple quotes from customers to understand the motivation behind the purchase of LUM.

Insight #1

People buy candles from an emotional place, “feel good” kind of product. 


While LUM brand offered functional candles as well – we decided to put the therapeutic series in the front, and to create a “Feel good” environment for the user. 

Insight #2

Hand-made and natural are the most important values of the product


the solution was to create a natural look and feel and to stress out the source and material of the product as its advantage in the market.

We designed a dedicated page to the source of the candle and how its done, and used “nature” as a main motive in the websites language – visual and textual.  

Final Design and Dev.

My team and I were responsible for the UX, UI and development of the website. we chose wix as a web platform, so that maintenance of the website will be easy and intuitive for non-developers at the NGO.

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