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UX.UI for the Israeli Ministry of Labor

The Problem.

The Ministry of Labor approached TASC Consulting in order to establish and strengthen relations with Israeli Businesses, for several purposes: 

In the short term – to familiarize local employers with the training programs and different types of support the Ministry could offer them.

In the long term –  Increase the employment rate, and achieve target employment rates, set by the Israeli government.

The Research.

In my role as a senior CX\UX Specialist in the project team, I conducted a vast user research in order to understand current employers needs and gaps, in locating quality workforce. 

As part of the research I interviewed approx. 30 businesses that employ workers locally, using in-depth contextual interview methods.

During the UX process I have also conducted online usability testing to validate the digital platform design which was dedicated to employers and its value in their point of viow. 



Three different personas were identified, which represented three different types of potential partners of the Ministry of Labor. 

The three personas represented different business size (small, medium and large businesss), different industries – traditional industries vs. tech industries and different starting points – the level of familiarity with the ministry of labor’s offering, digital orientation, level of self initiative and more. 

each persona reflected different pain-points and needs in relation to employment and recruitment and current interface with the ministry of labor. 

It was getting clear that a digital platform will have to answer all three types of employers. 

For each persona – I created a user journey to describe the challenges and pain points for each type of employer.f

User Journey

In order to focus on the most accurate solution, I’ve created an “Ideal” user journey for each persona, that represented the future journey that each user will go through when taking the digital and service solutions into account. 

My team and I planned and executed a workshop with all the involved teams in MoL, in order to get everyone on board and create a solution that will serve the employers but also the “business” goals of the ministry. 

In the workshop we used the Mural tool with all teams, for better engagement and cooperation. 

Site Map

The Insights. 

The design of the dedicated website was based on the following insights, derived from the research:

Insight #1:

Most employers are not aware of the employer programs and support that the ministry can offer businesses. the ideal website needs to be a primary channel for familiarization with the ministry’s programs.

Insight #2:

Flexibility and personalization – the training and employment programs by the ministry are not suitable for all types of employers

Insight #3:

The current work flows between the employers and the MoL are long and Bureaucratic –  we need to gain their trust once again.

Insight #1

As awareness and familiarization of the MoL services’ should be the primary goal of the website – I realized the homepage should include and exhaustive description of the MoL’s services to employers but in a minimalist and intuitive way – that would fit employers hectic ??days



Insight #2

Flexibility and personalization – after we realized that the needs of employers differ, depending on their size, their location their workforce recruitment urgency and more. moreover – the MoL’s offering is not suitable for all types of employers. 

We quickly realized we need a personalization feature that will help employers to tailor the MoL’s services to their needs. 



Insight #3

We had to create a simple, intuitive interface, with strong CTA in order to gain the trust of the employers once more. 

In order to simplify the employers side – the website was designed as a “one stop shop” – it didnt matter if each training and support program is managed by a different operator – the back office of the online platform will manage all contact requests by employers and will make sure that all employers will receive a call back from a relevant contact point.



UI Design

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